Photo d'hybrides

General Listing

The General Listing includes all varieties for sale this year with the exception of the Non-Registered Cultivars.

We are no longer accepting postal orders for this year.

We left our General Listing on our Web site as a reference. The varieties are no longer available by mail, but several can be purchased during our Open Gardens at the end of July.

If you want to see a larger image of a cultivar, simply click on its thumbnail image. All the pictures were taken in our gardens.

Each plant sold consists of double fans or better of bloom-size daylilies.

More information about the abreviations and terms used in this listing is available under Reading the General Listing.
No photo available

Abba (other photo)

(Moldovan 93) Tet SEV EM 71cm (28in) 14cm (5.5in) deep purple/light watermark (Fencing Master x Ninja Knight)
No photo available

Absolute Treasure

(Stamile/P 97) Tet EV EM 81cm (32in) 18cm (7in) orchid rose self (Chance Encounter x American Original) HM 01
No photo available

Abstract Art

(Hall 65) Dip DOR M 84cm (33in) 15cm (6in) bicolour (coral and honey) HM 69
No photo available

Acquired Arcadian Bliss

(Hanson 06) Tet SEV ML 99cm (39in) 15cm (6in) alabaster pink polychrome, sculpting, HBC [(Babylonian Pearl x Anastasia) x Life on Bajore]
No photo available

Aerial Display

(Stamile/P 03) Tet EV E 109cm (43in) 24cm (9.5in) yellow/maroon chevron eye spider (ratio 4:1), HBC [(Moonlit Masquerade x Tet Rainbow Spangles) x Tet Marked By Lydia]
No photo available

After the Fire

(Petit 03) Tet SEV M 69cm (27in) 14cm (5.5in) red with gold edge above green throat, double {Amber Storm x [(Highland Lord x Betty Warren Woods) x Fires of Fuji]}
No photo available

Alabama Jubilee

(Webster 88) Tet DOR M 76cm (30in) 18cm (7in) red orange/red halo, HBC (Tiger Track x Sdlg.) HM 93
No photo available

All About Eve

(Kirchhoff 00) Tet EV EM 66cm (26in) 12.5cm (5in) peach pink, double, reblooms (Sdlg. x Tet Siloam Double Classic) HM 03
No photo available

All American Chief (other photo)

(Sellers 94) Tet DOR EM 81cm (32in) 23cm (9in) red, HBC HM 99 AM 04 SM 08
No photo available

All Fired Up (other photo)

(Stamile/P 96) Tet EV EM 66cm (26in) 15cm (6in) orange/red eye and edge {[Eye Declare x (Wineberry Candy x Tet Priscilla's Rainbow)] x Regal Braid} HM 02 AM 05
No photo available

All of My Love To You

(Rice/JA 08) Tet SEV M 66cm (26in) 14cm (5.5in) dark burgundy/watermark and knobby white edge (Unknown x Unknown)
No photo available

Almond Puff

(Stamile/P 90) Dip DOR M 58cm (23in) 16.5cm (6.5in) almond pink, double (Salt Lake City x Barbara Mitchell) IMA 97 AM 98 HM 95
No photo available

Alpha Quadrant

(Hanson 05) Tet SEV ML 99cm (39in) 14cm (5.5in) yellow, sculpting, HBC (What, Me Worry! x Supreme Empire)
No photo available

America's Most Wanted

(Carr 97) Tet EV EM 69cm (27in) 15cm (6in) ruffled light yellow, HBC, reblooms (Sherry Lane Carr x Sdlg.) HM 00 AM 03
No photo available

Amethyst Art

(Kropf 88) Dip DOR EM 46cm (18in) 12.5cm (5in) lavender, double HM 94
No photo available

Amy (other photo)

(Richards 54) Dip DOR E 91cm (36in) 12.5cm (5in) orange yellow/copper halo (Elsinore x Tokay)
No photo available

Anchors Aweigh (other photo)

(Moldovan 90) Tet SEV M 71cm (28in) 15cm (6in) bluish mauve (Paris Overture x Strutter's Ball)
No photo available

Ancient Wisdom

(Petit 02) Tet SEV M 61cm (24in) 15cm (6in) lavender/watermark [(Karla Kitamura x Arabian Magic) x Clothed in Glory]
No photo available

Angels Gather Around

(Smith 08) Tet EV M 76cm (30in) 14cm (5.5in) peach pink/lettuce green teeth edge (J.T. Davis x Sdlg.)
No photo available

Annette's Magic

(Rice 04) Tet SEV ML 71cm (28in) 14cm (5.5in) light pink/ruffled gold edge (Ed Brown x Forestlake Ragamuffin) HM 08
No photo available

Another Night

(Sellers 00) Tet DOR M 76cm (30in) 15cm (6in) purple/pink watermark (Sdlg. x Tet Morning Mood) HM 06
No photo available

Apple Spring (other photo)

(Stamile/P 09) Tet EV E 66cm (26in) 15cm (6in) apple blossom pink/greenish edge [(Shantih x Walking in Beauty) x (Ribbons and Things x Cerise Masterpiece)]
No photo available

Apple Tart

(Hughes 74) Tet DOR EM 71cm (28in) 15cm (6in) dark red self, HBC (Sdlg. x Arriba) HM 77 AM 80
No photo available

Arenal (other photo)

(Gauthier 10) Tet DOR ML 102cm (40in) 18cm (7in) striking orange/wine red eye (Red Suspenders x Outrageous)
No photo available

Arrogant Bastard

(Hanson 05) Tet SEV ML 112cm (44in) 16.5cm (6.5in) burgundy violet self, bud builder, HBC {[(Sdlg. x Smoke And Mirrors) x John Coltrane] x Maria Callas}
No photo available

Asiatic Pheasant

(Knowler 73) Dip DOR M 56cm (22in) 15cm (6in) golden yellow, UF (Kindly Light x Sdlg.) HM 08
No photo available

Autumn Minaret

(Stout 51) Dip DOR L 168cm (66in) 10.2cm (4in) light orange HM 06
No photo available

Autumn Wood

(Dougherty 91) Dip DOR M 61cm (24in) 14cm (5.5in) peach pink blend, repeat blooms HM 98 AM 01
No photo available

Ava Gardner

(Smith 06) Tet SEV M 86cm (34in) 15cm (6in) true lavender with citron edge above large green throat (Linda's Magic x Tet James McCaskill)